Monday, April 16, 2007

Unijos March update

At Unijos graduate classes finally resumed mid-December, 2006. This year the new group of students enrolled in the Master’s program in Ethics and Philosophy is not quite as large as the last--that one had no less than 35 students!

Adrian has this group for a course on 'Morality and Human Rights,' while Wendy lectures on ‘Science and Awareness of God’ to the same group.

The group (of 18) is big enough, and it does get a little crowded, but we prefer teaching them in our office, since this is far less noisy compared to regular classrooms.

We started teaching these courses mid-January, but last week all lectures came to halt as a strike was announced. We do not know how long this one could last. The courses are by no means finished. Wendy was able to finish most of her lectures only because she taught extra hours while Adrian was in Canada in connection with the funeral of his father.

At times like these, the representative of the class, Ojo, has a key role in communicating with the rest of the students, passing on instructions and handouts which help the students to keep working, especially on their course presentations.