Monday, April 16, 2007

Retreat at Miango (March 22-25)

As ‘partners’ with Christian Reformed World Missions, we enjoy a time of fellowship when we join them for their annual Spiritual Retreat. This is usually held at Miango Rest Home, a missionary centre established years ago, a number of kilometers outside Jos. This year the theme for the retreat, “Heroes of Faith” was well presented by our main speaker, Rev. Joseph Ajaver of the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria, who introduced us to figures like Moses, Paul and Mary Magdalene.

This year Wendy served on the music committee, which meant choosing songs for the hymnsing, organizing the ‘Prayer and Praise’ session, and times of devotions. It also meant asking others to lead various sessions. This is certainly not a difficult task. It is clear that our missionaries love to sing, and are not shy in leading these parts of the program.

Here Dick Seinen, veteran missionary of some 35 years in Nigeria, leads the singing, while accompaniment is given by Jan Dykgraaf on the piano/keyboard, and Kathy VanderKloet with her recorder.

Retreats mean listening to inspirational talks, but there also time for sports, walks, and just sitting around, socializing. It’s a good occasion to catch up with one another.

On Saturday evening the Family Fun night ended with a skit (put together on the spot), a re-enactment of the resurrection when Mary Magdalene met her risen Lord.

The retreat ended with the Sunday morning time of worship; as in the last few years, Adrian served with Gerald Hogeterp on the committee to plan the service. Rev. Ajaver gave his final message on ‘Unnamed Heroes’.

As we concluded the service, as well as our retreat, the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, with Adrian officiating, provided a fitting conclusion to a wonderful time of fellowship.

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