Friday, November 28, 2008

Prayer request for November 28 (Riots in Jos)

Unfortunately Jos is experiencing another major ethnic religious crisis. On Thursday the city had local government elections.  The rumor is that radical Muslims who were unhappy with the election results went on a rampage throughout Jos killing and burning.  They have burned ALL of the churches that are closest to our former house and the houses of our IICS colleagues who are still there (Danny and Mary McCain, Yoila and Roselyn Yilpet, and Katrina Korb).  They report that there was fighting within a half mile of their homes.  

Several Unijos students have been killed.  Danny McCain was invited to go to the university clinic to take pictures of some of the wounded. He reported that the carnage was horrific -- it was literally a war scene with blood everywhere. He went around and prayed for each wounded person.

Danny's house has become a refugee camp again, as it was in 2001 in the riots that preceeded those of 9/11 by four days. Currently, 57 people are sleeping downstairs at his place, similar to what happened in 2001, and another 40 are staying at our former home.  Katrina Korb, who normally resides with the McCains, is staying with this group. No one in the university compound has been hurt and all the IICS people are okay.

Mary McCain is praying that the food will be multiplied so that they will have enough to feed all of these people.  Please pray that the electricity will continue to to remain on, and the violence will be stopped.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birth of James Thomas Roy

We are proud to announce the birth of our third grandchild, James Thomas Roy, who was born on Wednesday, November 19, at 2:30 am, to  Pauline and Greg Roy. He weighed 8 lbs 7 ozs, and measured 21 in. His sister, Grace, and brother, Christopher, are happy with their new brother. Pauline was going to be induced later that day, but she went into labor on Tuesday evening and the baby was born soon after that. Mother and baby are both doing well. Rejoice with us!