Monday, April 16, 2007

Unijos Convocation 2007

At the University of Jos Friday March 30 and Saturday March 31 were set aside for Convocation cermonies. Since the main hall of the university can not accommodate all participants, the ceremonies are held at the stadium, in the open field some distance beyond the Library building where we do most of our teaching. Convocation is not an annual celebration here. In fact, it has been three years since the last convocation.

Academic processions are a colourful event! Danny McCain, our colleague (and founder of the IICS) became full professor last year, and joined the procession in full academic garb this time. His gown has two deep blue panels down the front.

Most academics were seated under a canopy close to the main dais. There were many representatives from other Nigerian universities, as well as public figures from various walks of life. Three honorary degrees were to be awarded; notable among these was that for the President of Liberia. It was a pity that she was unable to attend.

Our Religious Studies department was well represented by the Head of the Department Umar Danfulani, with Danny seated as his side.

Among the PhDs awarded, the Religious Studies department was well represented. Two students with whom we have worked closely: on the left, Magdalyn Aboh, whose thesis Wendy supervised; and at the centre of this group, our colleague Dogara Gwamna, supervised by Danny McCain, for whose thesis Wendy served as internal examiner.

We were pleasantly surprised to meet several students with whom we worked some years ago; they had completed their Masters degrees already in 2004, but were officially awarded the degree this year.

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