Saturday, December 9, 2006

Ayuba's wedding

It was a very special Saturday when Ayuba married Rachael. Ayuba is disabled, and in Nigeria that usually means he is a 'forgotten child'. But with great persistence Ayuba managed to qualify as a teacher of Religious Knowledge, and later even to obtain a degree in Law from the University of Jos. Such a degree is as important in Nigeria as it is in North America. He is now in charge of the Beautiful Gate ministry, distributing wheelchairs to the handicapped, especially polio victims. This put him in a position to propose marriage, and Rachael accepted! The wedding was held in his home village about two hours by car from Jos. The IICS team had rented a bus for the occasion, and joined the guests in the very crowded local church where the vows were exchanged. Ayuba used a wheelchair for the occasion, and the service proceeded in dignified fashion. While the church could only hold a few hundred people there were more than a thousand at the reception in the nearby soccer field. The guests came from far and wide, and the participation of other handicapped, including the blind, who had received help through the Beautiful Gate ministry, was especially meaningful. What an unforgettable day!

Sharon Rice with two Nigerian women
preparing for the wedding
CSI/IICS witnesses

Church service

Exchange of vows

(Notice the wheelchair)

Women dancing

Cutting the cake

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