Friday, February 22, 2008

David Jowitt

Living and working in Nigeria is not an easy venture. With the exception of a few IICS colleagues, our missionary contacts live across town. Because we do not go out at night (it is too difficult, and too dangerous driving) much of our entertainment comes by way of socializing with colleagues and friends at the university. We especially appreciate getting to know David Jowitt in this way. Last Saturday we spent a good part of the afternoon at David's house, a university house on exactly the same plan as ours, but on a different part of the campus, about a 20 minute drive from our placed.

David has already been in Nigeria for at least 40 years, teaching in almost every part of Nigeria, from the Igbo south east areas (he had to leave during the Biafra civil war of the 60s!), in the western Yoruba territory, and then for many years at the federal university of the major northern city of Kano. He told us that the extreme heat was really getting too much for him, and was relieved about two years ago to receive an invitation to join the English department at the University of Jos. He finds the climate of Jos very pleasant by comparison.

Over the years of his work in Nigeria David has made a substantial contribution on the subject of English phonology, and published a text which is widely known and used, Nigerian English Usage. We really appreciate friends and colleagues like David, as opportunities to socialize, to exchange insight and experience of our work here, and encourage one another.

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