Thursday, June 21, 2007

Psalm 121: Prayer update

"The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." (Psalm 121.8)

1. Please continue to pray that the Nigeria-wide university strike may be settled amicably. Pray that the important meeting with government officials scheduled for next week, June 26, may lead to reconciliation. At the University of Jos the vice chancellor of the university has called students back to register for the new academic year, but the situation is rather confused, since the faculty are not yet ready to back down from their positions. Please pray with us for an atmosphere of dialogue to replace growing confrontation.

2. Although U. Yar'Adua, the new president of Nigeria, has promised to make stable provision of power a priority, his intentions are being tested. Our supply of electricity has been low the last weeks, and we experienced problems with our backup systems at the same time. As a result we faced some real challenges in doing our work. Please pray with us for a resolution of related problems of infrastructure.

3. We thank you for your prayers for our daughter Pauline who suffered from a nasty bacterial infection in May. The symptoms have not totally disappeared, but she has recovered her energy significantly. Please pray that tests to be administered when she comes off the remaining medication in a few weeks may show that the bacteria have really gone.

4. We ask your prayers for safety in traveling as we will soon be on our way to Canada. Pray for the Lord's protection. At the moment a nationwide strike has been called, largely a protest over increase in fuel prices, which was a parting 'gift' from former President Obasanjo. We pray it will not cause too much upheaval. The Abuja airport is still open, but we do not know how air traffic will be affected by the time we leave on Monday.

5. Please pray also for constructive participation in a number of conferences. Wendy hopes to join a conference in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and another in Oxford, the United Kingdom, before returning to Canada. Adrian plans to join the annual IICS Vision conference in Kansas City early in July.

We thank you for praying with us! We know that your prayers make a big difference!

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