Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Acts 10: Prayer update (February 24)

"God has heard your prayer, and remembered your gifts to the poor" (Acts 10:31).

(Note: This update was prepared on February 24, thus before the death of Adrian's father and it mentions his birthday. It was not published until today.)

Dear Friends,

We are grateful for the week that is past, and want to thank you for praying. We know it has made all the difference.

1. We thank you for praying with us for the NABIS (Nigerian Association of Biblical Studies) local conference in Jos this past week. We are grateful for two days of good presentations and stimulating discussions on the theme "Biblical Understanding of Politics and Leadership". The topic was clearly of great interest, and we had a very good turnout for the conference: 84 participants and 21 different schools represented. Many participants came from Plateau State, but neighbouring states were also represented, as far away as Taraba State, with Veenstra Seminary in Donga.

2. Adrian is grateful for the stamina to finish an intensive five-day course on 'Ecclesiology' for the Nigerian Evangelical Missions Institute (NEMI). He was asked to do the course in their program of training those who will in turn train missionaries for their work. The sessions dealt with the nature and the role of the church, with an eye to missions. It is a joy to teach such mature 'students', and he appreciated the opportunity to challenge them and share his experience.

3. We would appreciate your prayer for the power situation. We are receiving only a few hours a day, and this is becoming a big concern for both our Unijos students and ourselves at this time. We get a few hours during the night, and sometimes during the day, but rarely have light when it is really needed in the evening. Students are preparing for exams, and becoming upset about the difficulty of getting their work done evenings. Please pray with us for a resolution to this problem.

4. Today (February 24) marks the 87th birthday of Adrian's Dad. Thank God with us for sparing him these many years. In spite of many obstacles to good health, we pray that he may enjoy the day with family and friends.

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